About Us

For a short time Tearout has provided a unique concept for multi genre events in the UK. The concept of Tearout was born in the UK underground scene. Where DJs play a variety of genre's and music created by national and international artists off huge sound systems that you can hear in China. The problem was that the publics and DJs would rarely get a chance to see the acts whose music they play. 


The aim of Tearout has always been to bring people together with a huge multi-genre line up. This not only helps introduce people to new music and new artists, but it also gives our audience a chance to see artist's they may not be able to see without having to go to a festival or travelling abroad. We cater for all music lover and for all electronic music genres, from breakz to hardtrance, from Drum and Bass to bassline, from psy trance to minimal techno. Feel free to check out our previous acts we've booked below so you can see how diverse our line ups are.

 So far we've had acts from all across the UK and Europe with many international artists playing their UK debut at our event. This has not only helped to spread our musical culture further but also to bring a different kind of vibe then what you would get from your standard UK electronic music event.

In such early says we've become a national known brand that provides an event like no other. In the two years we've been running we haven't just held our own events but collaborated with many different brands such as Zombiefest, Blueprint, Stormtek & Bristek. We've visited towns and cities such as Bristol, Bedford, Northampton and more.

In the time we've been running promotions we've built up a great following and we would just like to take this chance to thank everyone for all the support we have gained. Around the site you'll find many different types of information, merchandise and promotional activity, be sure to have a look around.

Previous Acts at Tearout